Do you often read labels at the supermarket?

If your answer to this question was yes, then you are in the right place. Bobby Blends is made for you. You, who belong to the group of people that looks beyond marketing and trends, and care about the quality of the food they are putting into their bodies, and are looking for products that do not have to sacrifice whole food and nutritious ingredients over taste. 

If you have already looked at the label of the Bobby Blends products, you will already know that they have no added sugars, and that they have a higher vegetable component than the average of existing products on the market, plus, they are made with the love and dedication that your body and mind deserve.

So that you can enjoy moments with yourself, along with your Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

For you, Bobby Blends: Quality, immediacy and well-being.


We seek to help you discover the best version of yourself and share it with those closest to you. Our mission is to create food and beverages in their healthiest and most convenient form for your specific lifestyle.

Health and flavor, on the spot.


We develop healthy and nutritious products selecting the best raw materials to promote your well-being. Enjoy our delicious products while taking care of your body. Maximum quality with an optimal selection of ingredients, in search of clean recipes respecting the best of them.

Bobby Blends aims to transmit affection and respect in the elaboration of each of its products, returning to the origins of the most traditional recipes with cutting-edge technology.



In addition to our coffee and plant-based products, we are constantly working on the research and development of natural dietary supplements, so that you can improve your health with an extra supply of nutrients.

We take advantage of more than 30 years of experience in the development of soluble products, as well as in the vitamins and supplements market. Bobby Blends has an extensive knowledge in the raw materials market that facilitates its purpose of building a better world through healthy and wholesome food.



We offer you quality products, always looking for natural ingredients. We avoid added sugars and preservatives as much as possible. We always try to offer high level  whole food component products. 


We like the “ready to drink” concept. We work for you to enjoy tasty vegetable products instantly at home. Because, although a healthy diet is key, we also know that time is money.


We develop plant-based and coffee products to promote your well-being, avoiding the consumption of unnecessary animal ingredients. Top quality products from the countryside to take care of your diet.


We work, day by day, so that you can try new things and have different options of products that are tasty and wellness oriented.